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Banking Technology

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Client Commerzbank Project Precious Metals Integration The client had 2 Murex implementations. One used by Luxembourg for its precious metals business and one by the commodities users throughout the rest of the world (global installation). They wanted to combine the two.   RowIT provided the functional expertise to deliver on the objective. Focused on enhancing […]


Client Commerzbank Project Performance Test Pack To design and build a performance test pack to allow a full performance test. Test consisted of 4 areas: Intraday test (including 1000 user sessions, trade feeds, real-time market data and intraday reports). Overnight production batch. Reporting batch. Weekend Maintenance batch. We designed, built, documented and executed this for […]


Client Mizuho International Project Greenfield Implementation The client had number of Credit Default Swaps and Convertible Bond traders who were heavily dependent on spreadsheets. The business had decide more controls were needed and to implement Murex. We started on this project just after the decision had been made to go with Murex. We helped in […]


Client Commerzbank Project Sybase and Patch Upgrade The client was on a very old release of Sybase and had multiple patches of Murex in production and wanted to upgrade from Sybase 12.5 to 15.7 and upgrade to a later Murex binary. We provided a team to manage the entire project for the client including: configuration, […]


Client Large European Bank Project Reuters OpenDacs Client had identified that they had significant potential exchange fee liabilities dues to excessive access to market data by the 100+ realtime users. The decision was made to implement Murex Reuters OpenDacs module and we provided a fixed price quote to design, test, implement and ensure compliance to […]


Client Large European Bank Project Sun Sparc to Intel x86 Migration. We undertook the initial analysis and proof of concept for moving the clients Murex platform from Sparc to x86. The driver for the project was the exceptional cost savings that could be achieved (payback period was measured in months not years) and in addition […]


Client Commerzbank Project Risk Platform Integration Client had been running 2 separate implementations of Murex. One was managed by Front Office IT and the other by Risk IT. Responsibility for the risk platform had been passed from Risk IT to the Front Office IT team The project involved migrating the Risk instance from the Risk […]